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Welcome to ImPower Holistic Therapy - your trusted provider of holistic health services in Bella Vista, NSW .

At ImPower Holistic Therapy, we understand that your mental wellbeing is important for living a fulfilling and balanced life. That’s why we're dedicated to giving top-quality therapy services to people in our community. Our team of caring professionals is here to help you with anxiety, depression, trauma, or even if you just want to grow as a person.

We believe in being honest and clear with our clients. We treat everyone with respect and provide reliable therapies that work. Our excellent service has made us one of the most trusted therapy providers in Bella Vista.

We love what we do and always look for ways to get better. Our team keeps up with the latest mental health practices to give you the best care possible.

When you choose ImPower Holistic Therapy, you are picking a team that truly cares about you. We are here to help with all your mental health needs. Book in your appointment with us today.

Portrait of Navneet Jassal

Navneet Jassal

Hi, I'm Navneet

I am a Counsellor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and EFT practitioner. I am genuine, caring, empathetic, and consciously connected, and I am passionate about working with people worldwide. My therapy focuses on empowering individuals and enhancing their well-being.

In my sessions, I use a holistic and person-centered approach, incorporating Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), EMDR, Parts Work and Clinical Hypnotherapy. I have experience helping people with anxiety disorders, depression, general life stress, work-related issues, anger, grief, emotional regulation, and family matters.

I have a deep connection with those experiencing loss and grief, as I am a cancer survivor and have lost loved ones myself. I support people with terminal illnesses and help individuals in all areas of life become the best version of themselves. I take great pride in using my personal and professional experiences to empower all.


  • Hours: 9am - 6pm (Mon-Fri)

  • Suite 322/20B Lexington Drive, Bella Vista NSW 2153

  • ABN 77 675 463 626

Suite 322/20B Lexington Dr, Bella Vista NSW 2153, Australia